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D   Bm  Gadd9   A   D


                            D                                                         Bm

There goes my heart beating.‘Cause you are the reason.

                          Gadd9  Asus4                                   D

I’m losing my sleep.                Please come back now


                              D                                                  Bm

There goes my mind racing. And you are the reason.

                         Gadd9   Asus4                      Bm

That I’m still breathing.       I’m hopeless now.


                            Gadd9       A                                Bm

I’d climb every mountain.        And swim every ocean.

                  Gadd9                                      D      A

Just to be with you. And fix what I’ve broken.

               Bm A/C#    D    D/F#    G      Gm                             D

Oh,cause I   need   you  to     see,      that you are the reason.


There goes my hand shaking. ‘Cause you are the reason

My mind keeps bleeding. And I need you now.


If I could turn back the clock. I’d make sure the light defeated the dark.

I’d spend every hour of every day. Keeping you safe


I’d climb every mountain…


G         A       Bm     Bm x3

that you are the reason. I don't wanna fight no more, I don't wanna hide no more, I don't wanna cry no more

Come back, I need you to (hold me)                  (you are the reasooooon)

Come a little closer now, just a little closer now, come a little closer

I need you to hold me tonight...



I'd climb every mountain…

You are the reason med sång - Ddur
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You are the reason Calum - Ddur
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