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We´re all in this together!

G                                                     D  F

Together, together, together everyone                   

G                                                                          F 

Together, together, come on lets have some fun

G                                                                    D F

Together, were there for each other every time

G                                                                    F

Together together come on lets do this right


 Eb                                                 Db

Here and now its time for celebration      

Eb                            Db

I finally figured it out (yeah yeah)

Eb                            Db

That all our dreams have no limitations

Eb                        Db

That's what its all about



Everyone is special in their own way                      

F                                 Eb

We make each other strong (each other strong)


Were not the same


Were different in a good way

F                   Eb            F 

Together's where we belong


            G    D/F#       Em

We're all in this together                      

Em/D          C

Once we know


That we are


We're all stars


And we see that

          G      D/F#       Em

We're all in this together

Em/D     C

And it shows


When we stand


Hand in hand

                      D                        F

Make our dreams come true

We´re all in this together - Original
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We´re all in this together - Sopran (Melodi)
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We´re all in this together - Altstämma
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